Success! I’ve gotten this site up and running without my own webserver. I’m actually using AWS Amplify here so that I can edit the site, commit it, and automatically push out the updated site. So that’s cool.

In addition, I’m in the process of moving my Dad’s site,, from an ec2 instance running caddy over to a combination of S3 and CloudFront. I figure I’ll run it for a while this way, and see how much it costs. If it’s not drastically more expensive, I’ll probably keep it this way for flexibility and ease of maintenance.

The last thing I’ll tackle, at some point, is refactoring FoundIRL and Uttles into serverless PWAs. I have some work to do in researching how to piece all of that together. I’ll need something to host the static app, the api gateway, the api functions, and the database. I’ll figure out which pieces of AWS to use for what, and get that going some day.

Lastly, I might abandon that idea for Uttles if I can figure out how to make a serverless, distributed app using something like IPFS. As I understand it, writing to IPFS is “expensive” in that you can’t update data, you can only write new data and update your pointers, so I’m not sure if it will work for what I have in mind. But, that’s way down on the research list, so maybe there will be a better solution by the time I get to it.